As CraftSearch is becoming pretty much stable after one year of providing our plugin, and as we prepare us for CraftSearch 5, we decided to post the latest update of the 4th version of CraftSearch in 2018. Happy new year. Introducing CraftSearch 4.5 LTS!

What does "LTS" stands for?
LTS means "Long Term Support". CraftSearch 4.5 LTS is built to last. It includes a completely new communication protocol, which will make it still compatible AND supported with CraftSearch 7. It allows the developers to modify the plugin without worrying about updates, since it is the last update of CraftSearch 4.

What's new?
Pretty much nothing, honestly. We are preparing for the biggest release ever, CraftSearch 5. This is only a small update.
Like every LTS version we will make, you now have the possibility to disable the automatic updater to prevent CraftSearch to inform you about the next CraftSearch 5 release.
PremiumGuard now has its own updater, you will soon understand why.
We updated our open source licence to 2018.
You can still use CraftSearch 4.4.1 without any problem, and it will still be compatible with CraftSearch 5, even with the older protocol.

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