CraftSearch provides for volontire hosting companies an interconnection agreement to allow server owners to add them more quickly to CraftSearch, and reference them in-game, without any maintenance, having exclusive beneficts. Yes, you read it, without any maintenance. Discover here the benefits of CraftSearch Interconnection Agreement and how it works.

Endeed, if the interconnection agreement requires a configuration, it doesn't need any maintenance for hosting companies. In this agreement, server datas are transfered prioritarly, from the hosting company's website. No more plugin to manager. The data refresh is automatic. And as we think PremiumGuard to work on the cloud and apply update automatically, the user doesn't have anything to do.

We are insinsting for hosting companies to let their users know that it will add their server to CraftSearch. The hosting company can choose to add all the servers and let it know to their clients, or ask each client to do his choice. The hosting company have to be transparent, as they want or not, because we think that it is important that the registered servers by interconnection agree.

We use the hosting company's website to get all the informations we need. The data sharing is done in two steps: the first one consists to put at the same place the datas of every servers. We guide the hosting company during this step, but to sum up, a php file get all the required informations (this php file is available to download at the bottom of this page) and register them in an xml file on your site. Next, you need to connect to the CraftSearch Manager to indicate that the hosting company agree the interconnection agreement giving the URL of the file on the website. The second one is invisible, we will read the datas of the XML file to import the servers like they are in the file. An hosting company that agreed with the interconnection agreement has the shortest refreshing rate (up to 80% quicker), and has the beneficts to add a lot of servers in one time only. And as read and write in an XML file is very low in ressources, this interconnection has no impact on the servers stability.

The adding proccess during the informations entering, after or before its payement, or directly in the client manager of the hosting company. The server owner doesn't have anything to do, because he has no plugin to manager, and the new PremiumGuard 2 security plugin update automatically by a special way: it's one of the rare plugin based on the cloud. In other words, it downloads its classes automatically, allowing that in case of editing of one class to replace it, without restarting the server. The plugin is based on the cloud and the user can chose to enable the EDA, to crypt the connections between CraftSearch, the BungeeCord servers and the spigot server by an authorization system based on encrypted keys. Here, it is also the first time for Minecraft servers. The EDA security plugin is also available to download separatly, and can work with every server, even with servers non registered on CraftSearch. This plugin is free and open source, we give it to the hosting companies and you will find it to download on our website.

Since CraftSearch 4, The availability of Click-To-Connect was extended to Premium servers with our PremiumGuard module. With our 2nd version of PremiumGuard based on the cloud, we can integrate without effort our security plugin. If the hosting company wish it (and we recommand it) and provide a BungeeCord server with the server, it can also make our EDA unique encryption technology configured while the server payement. We are always ready to help hosting companies to proceed to this configuration.

For more informations about the conditions, please refer to your hosting company. It might change according to the case. If the user want to install the CraftSerach plugin on his server, he will continue to get interconnection beneficts, whatever hosting company he use, because the CraftSearch plugin allow more features than interconnection. Installing the plugin on a server with interconnection agreement, the user keeps its beneficts, with more features given by the plugin. CraftSearch will soon provide an edited plugin specialy for hosting companies with interconnection. This plugin will allow to increase server performances and reduce the trafic, and will be given to hosting companies and on the website in "Other downloads" section. We also understand that some servers don't want to be referenced at all and put them in "blacklist". According to the hosting company, the user will chose or not to include his server in the craftsearch.xml file.

We insist on the fact that is not a partnership with the hosting company, however it can, if it wants, show that it participates to this agreement to convince users interested by CraftSearch. The CraftSearch Team will help the hosting company in case of dificulty during the set up of the interconnection agreement, and after, in case of technical problem with CraftSearch. This agreement is free, based on volontary work, so if you want your favorite hosting company to make this interconnection agreement, you can contact them about it. And if the hosting company wants to stop this agreement, it is free to do it overnight, but it should inform their clients and delete the URL of the website in the CraftSearch Manager. The CraftSearch team will also appreciate if the hosting company takes time to explain the reason of its leaving.

We think that it is important to remind you that if your hosting company doesn't provide interconnection agreement, you can anyway use CraftSearch. You can install our free and open source plugin and have all CraftSearch features, with PremiumGuard 2, the same as we provide to hosting companies. However, you will have to update the plugin. If you are not interrested by advanced features ans don't want to manage the plugin, you can still adding your server with ping adding on the CraftSearch Manager. You don't have to install the CraftSearch plugin. However we recommand to keep the PremiumGuard plugin for security reasons, automatically updated by the cloud. We think it is imporant to add that the interconnection agreement doesn't change anything for the player: server hosted by hosting companies with interconnection agreement are not privileged on servers ranking, and that servers have the same connection time as other servers.

With next CraftSearch versions, features given by interconnection agreement can evolve.