No, you only need to open the port of the server defined in the server.propreties file.

Yes you must have a Bukkit/Spigot server with the 1.5 Minecraft version minimum then install our plugin on the page of installation right there:

Yes, and that are the most bulky. You must have a server with version of Minecraft superior or equal to the 1.7. Moreover, your server must be configured in offline mode (online-mode: false in the configuration server.propreties). That is not representing any risks regarding the CraftSearch players, but can potentially lead to a confusion of the data of other players. If you have already a /login system, you are protected. If you do not want to have it, we invite you to configure a BungeeCord and activate the PremiumGuard in the configuration of the CraftSearch plugin (enable-premiumguard: true).

No, you will be referenced even if you are not eligible of the Click-To-Connect, but the players will have to disconnect from CraftSearch, copy and paste the link to connect to your server.

Yes, the player must be connected on the version 1.7 minimum and choose a server that is eligible to Click-To-Connect.

Uninstall the plugin.

No, if you have a BungeeCord composed of many of servers, you must add there individually to CraftSearch. Warning nevertheless, you will be exposed to crack players if you open the ports of this server. We recommend you to activate PremiumGuard to block crack players.

Yes, in the line domain-name from the configuration file, we ask you only for the domain name, without the port and not the actual IP adress. If you do not have one, leave it blank.

Some providers does not support CraftSearch correctly. If you came to have this problem, we can only recommend you to go to consult our partner hosts, which you will find at the bottom of the site, who propose good Minecraft servers at low prices, 100% compatible with CraftSearch.

You must verify that your server is correctly accessible from the outside of your internal network, and that the port of the server is opened.

This also occurs when you badly inserted one apostrophe somewhere into the config.yml file. When you want to insert one apostrophe, you have to insert two successively. Example: « Tom''s server ».