You want to add your server to CraftSearch? Here are our 3 methods to do it. Compare them and chose what you prefer.

Our optionsPluginPingXML
Standard features
Full referencing (name, description, version, players, slots)YESYESYES
Works with server searchYESYESYES
Works with DirectConnectYESYESYES
Works with Click-To-ConnectYESYESYES
Works with bookmarks and historyYESYESYES
Technical assistanceYESYESYES
Assisted and automatic configurationYESNONO
Works with ConnectSwitcherYESNONO
Dynamic name and description with APIINSTANTNOUP TO 5 MINUTES
Works with ORS (Online Remote Search)YESNONO
Works with LTS (Language Transfert System)YESNONO
Works with PremiumGuardYESInstalling an external pluginInstalling an external plugin
Works with 3S (Sanction Share System)YESNONO
Installation time5-10 minutes without options1-5 minutes5-10 minutes
Need to restartYESNONO
ManagementConfiguration files & APICraftSearch ManagerXML file
Choose pluginChoose pingChoose XML

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To install the CraftSearch plugin on your server, download it and move the downloaded file in the /plugins/ folder of your server.

To configure the plugin, start the server a first time to generate the /plugins/CraftSearch/config.yml file. When the file is generated, open it.
You can find all options in this table :

nameDisplay name of the server in the search engine
descriptionDescription of the server in the search engine
domain-nameDomain name of the server in the search engine
custom-ipIP of your server (only on IP conflicts)
ownerUUID of the server owner, to link it with a CraftSearch Account in the manager
enable-premiumguardEnable PremiumGuard service
enable-checkforupdateEnable check for update

You have to reload/restart your server to apply changes.

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First, login to your account on CraftSearch Manager.

Go to Ping adding.

Click on + Add a server button.

Enter all informations about your server. Be sure to enter IP address with numbers in IP and not domain name. There is a dedicated field for your domain name. (like for exemple)

Submit with Add my server button.

Wait for CraftSearch to handle your data, your server will appear in search results.