In Java, when you take an appeal to a class outside of your program, you have to add the program which contains the class source in your Build Path (to use an API or to develop an extension of the default software).

BungeeCord is a proxy dedicated to the Spigot servers created by md_5. It allows to among others to connect servers between them. BungeeCord is often summary in Bungee.

Click-to-connect is a new technology developed by CraftSearch who allows a player to connect to the server of his choice, in only one click, in Minecraft.

ConnectSwitcher is a component of the API of CraftSearch target to simplify the transfer of the server to server, without passing by the reception of CraftSearch which appeared in CraftSearch 3.0.

CraftSearch is a search engine innovate for Minecraft servers who has the particularity of function in the within of the game. Thanks to the technology Click-to-connect.

Paid offer of CraftSearch unlocking unlimited use of the history, bookmarks and Friends&Follow. The offer is included in the free offer since July 2017.

Paid offer bringing all the advantages of the CraftSearch Plus offer, but also bringing a private server sharable with your friends, exclusively available on CraftSearch. Discoutinued offer.

Previously CraftSearch Premium+. Discoutinued offer announced along with the release of CraftSearch 3 and disapeared just before the release of CraftSearch 4 for technical and security reasons. It allowed to get a powerful server, shipped with a MySQL database, and the avability to send your own files. A lots of security issues have been discovered, forcing the CraftSearch team to discontinue the best offer of CraftSearch and adapt the CraftSearch Premium offer to solve the security issues.. Discoutinued offer.

Offer name abandoned. See CraftSearch Premium Gold.

Software developped by CraftSearch allowing to manage your CraftSearch Premium server on a PC/macOS/Linux. Software discontinued.

Technology still in development introduced in CraftSearch 3 allowing to directly connected to a server using an address. It is used by the /c command.

Technology similar to the party systems that you can find on the servers. It allows to create virtual groups of friends that will follow each other wherever they go.

IP address. A unique address given to a network router. It allows to locate a server on a network.

Not to be mistaken for the domain name, which is a name useful to hide an IP address and remember it more easily.

A search engine is a tool used on the Internet allowing to search for specific terms and show pertinent results. It can be used on a website or inside a program.

A very often used technique to simplify the memorization of an IP address using key words and followed by an extension.

A money usable exclusively on the CraftSearch platform, that mixes Euro and fidelity points. Abandoned.

Module introduced in CraftSearch 4 allowing the premium servers to join CraftSearch securely thanks to a BungeeCord server. It protects the server from unwanted intrusion.

Spigot is an evolved Minecraft server accessible to the developers thanks to Java plugins. It is the most popular solution creating a powerful server.

Unique Used Identificator, allowing in Minecraft to find a player even if he chabges his name for instance. The UUIDs are officially destinated only to the people who legally bought the game, but the crack players still can generate their UUID, which can lead to confusion if the server accepts both crack and premium players.