The first beta of CraftSearch 5 is now out !

Here is what it includes:
- We completely remade the CraftSearch core.
- You can now use Direct Connect 2, which works a lot better now and is not a beta feature anymore.
- The new ORS API (Online Remote Search), allowing you to do searches across the entire network. Just use the /s command on your server and you'll see the same menu as on our hub, with Click-To-Connect ready to use.
- Along with it, the LTS API (Language Transfer System), allowing you to detect which language the player prefer to use, and translate all your server messages in this language.
- Some better integration of the CraftSearch services when the player does not come from CraftSearch.
- The brand new advanced 3S API (Sanction Share System), allowing you to use the power of the cloud to sync the bans across your servers, automatically.
- Smart Updater 2. With all the new features coming, we have given even more intelligence to our Smart Updater. Now, not only will the updater show you alerts of an available update, but will :
- 1 : if no player connected, download the update and install it by itself
- 2 : if some players are connected, wait for an admin to confirm the restart.
- CraftSearch Manager
- Add your server by ping without any plugin.
- Add a large amount of servers by XML

Upcoming in Beta 2:
- A new login method usable on any website that uses your CraftSearch account, called CraftSearch Pass.
- Next-generation Manager that is powered by it's own API, allowing us to create the first CraftSearch mobile apps
- Worldwide GDPR compliance (access and download your data, delete your account, give your consent before we collect any data...)
- New ID system for servers to protect them
- All new web-based API to handle the servers - up to 80% faster worldwide, and fewer ressources needed
- Faster name and description API process

Upcoming in Beta 3:
- 3S Online Management
- CraftSearch server-side rebuild by using our own API
- A new alternative way to connect on non-CTC ready servers, using our website.
- Our Friends API that allows you to use the Friends & Follow functionality on your server to make it compatible with your existing group plugin.
- Full BungeeCord support with dedicated plugin

Upcoming in final release:
- We will soon have a completely new and original map
- Along with it, the crack players will be finally accepted on CraftSearch!
- PremiumGuard 2 with EDA is coming, but we will detail it later in a dedicated section of our website…
- Reorganization of our website, with a brand new Developer Center.

NOTE : This is a beta pre-release. It is likely that you will encounter bugs or unexpected behaviors. Please report them as soon as you see them here : [email protected].
If you are not ready to handle them, please go back to the latest stable version, the 4.5_LTS. Thank you.

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