Today, we released CraftSearch 5 BETA 2.

What's new?
- Next-generation Manager that is powered by it's own API, allowing us to create the first CraftSearch mobile apps
- Worldwide GDPR compliance (access and download your data, delete your account, give your consent before we collect any data...)
- New ID system for servers to protect them
- All new web-based API to handle the servers - up to 80% faster worldwide, and fewer ressources needed
- Faster name and description API process
- Serbian translations

Upcoming in Beta 3:
- 3S Online Management
- CraftSearch server-side rebuild by using our own API
- A new alternative way to connect on non-CTC ready servers, using our website.
- Our Friends API that allows you to use the Friends & Follow functionality on your server to make it compatible with your existing group plugin.
- Full BungeeCord support with dedicated plugin

Upcoming in final release:
- We will soon have a completely new and original map
- Along with it, the crack players will be finally accepted on CraftSearch!
- PremiumGuard 2 with EDA is coming, but we will detail it later in a dedicated section of our website?
- Reorganization of our website, with a brand new Developer Center.

NOTE : This is a beta pre-release. It is likely that you will encounter bugs or unexpected behaviors. Please report them as soon as you see them here : [email protected].
If you are not ready to handle them, please go back to the latest stable version, the 4.5_LTS. Thank you.

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