Fruit Servers

Creative - Survival - Skyblock - Prison - McMMO - Events

Originally founded under the name OrangeMinecraft by Eraze, FruitServers was born on the 20th of December 2014. Being strictly a Survival server upon first being opened, the FruitBowl has since expanded into the realms of Skyblock, Prison and Creative, with each server having their own unique features and communities. Switching between each server is easy as pie! Simply type "/server hub" and use the apple to select one server between the three available options.

Regardless of which server you find yourself on, the FruitBowl will offer a fun, family friendly atmosphere with many bright faces ready to accept and help you, whether they themselves are players or one of our many dedicated staff members. Each server offers a free Member rank that you can acquire through signing up on our website (a link can be found below for a detailed guide), or if you're feeling like a generous soul, you can check out our information on donations and the ranks obtainable through said system.

This server was added by the CraftSearch Ads Team. If you do not want your server to be shown here, contact us on [email protected]. You will need to prove that you have the ownership of the server to request a deletion.


Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.14.x

Players: 44/200

Mode: Premium

Whitelist: No