You want to add your server to CraftSearch? Here are our 3 methods to do it. Compare them and chose what you prefer.

Our optionsPluginPingXML
Standard features
Full referencing (name, description, version, players, slots)YESYESYES
Works with server searchYESYESYES
Works with DirectConnectYESYESYES
Works with Click-To-ConnectYESYESYES
Works with bookmarks and historyYESYESYES
Technical assistanceYESYESYES
Assisted and automatic configurationYESNONO
Works with ConnectSwitcherYESNONO
Dynamic name and description with APIINSTANTNOUP TO 5 MINUTES
Works with ORS (Online Remote Search)YESNONO
Works with LTS (Language Transfert System)YESNONO
Works with PremiumGuardYESInstalling an external pluginInstalling an external plugin
Works with 3S (Sanction Share System)YESNONO
Installation time5-10 minutes without options1-5 minutes5-10 minutes
Need to restartYESNONO
ManagementConfiguration files & APICraftSearch ManagerXML file
Choose pluginChoose pingChoose XML

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To install the CraftSearch plugin on your server, download it and move the downloaded file in the /plugins/ folder of your server.

To configure the plugin, start the server a first time to generate the /plugins/CraftSearch/config.yml file. When the file is generated, open it.
You can find all options in this table :

nameDisplay name of the server in the search engine
descriptionDescription of the server in the search engine
ipDomain name or ip of your server
ownerUUID of the server owner, to link it with a CraftSearch Account in the manager
enable-premiumguardEnable PremiumGuard service
enable-checkforupdateEnable check for update

You have to reload/restart your server to apply changes.

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Downloads: 3070

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First, login to your account on CraftSearch Manager.

Go to Ping adding.

Click on + Add a server button.

Enter all informations about your server.

Submit with Add my server button.

Wait for CraftSearch to handle your data, your server will appear in search results.

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The procedure to add one or multiple servers at once is the same, no matter if you are a hosting company, a server list company, an independent helper, or a server owner.

This is the hardest part. You will need to generate an XML file containing all the servers you want to add on CraftSearch. You can create the file manually, or if you have a large amount of servers to add, we recommend you making a script to generate the file. Here is the guideline to properly generate your XML file.

Your XML file should start with the <list> tag, and end with the </list> tag. If you do not add these tags, we will not be able to read your file.

You can only declare one list per XML file. If you use the <list> tag more than once in your XML file, we will not be able to read it at all.

Then, each server should be declared with the <server> tag at the beginning, and the </server> tag at the end of the server details. You should have as many <server> tags as the servers you want to add.

Inside a <server> tag, you will have to provide some informations about the server you want to add. Here is all the informations that you need to give :

<ip>The IP or domain name of the server with the port (if it is different of 25565)

<name>The name of the server you want to add.

Example: ExmulhiaMC
<description>The description of the server being added.

Example: We provide high quality gaming experience, with exclusive mini-games like the Replica, the Space Water Run, or less exclusive mini-games like UHCs, Bedwars, or hide-and-seek. Join us now!
<online>Set if the server is in online-mode. True or false. No other variable accepted. If you are pointing your Spigot server that is in offline-mode, and that you have an online-mode BungeeCord, you need to indicate false, because the server you are referring to is in offline-mode.

Example: true
<whitelist>Set if the server has its whitelist enabled. True or false. No other variable accepted.

Example: false
<owner>Set the premium Minecraft UUID of the owner. It will be used to check the server status directly in CraftSearch Manager. If you don’t want to give it, or don’t have one, please do not add the tag.

Example: 32ndhys-fnbsk42-gdnsjk6456-fn346

Note: the examples given are fake. Similarity with real data is coincidence.

To sum up, here is how your XML file should look like in the end, using your variables of course.

		<description>We provide high quality gaming experience, with exclusive mini-games like the Replica, the Space Water Run, or less exclusive mini-games like UHCs, Bedwars, or hide-and-seek. Join us now!</description>

You can also check the real CraftSearch Ads Team XML file at

If you already have a CraftSearch account, jump to step 3.

You will need to have a premium Minecraft account to create your CraftSearch account. Log in into Minecraft using the version you want, and connect on Once you are logged in, execute the /password command to set a password to your account.

Log into CraftSearch Manager using your Minecraft username and your CraftSearch password on:

If you forgotten your password, you may set it again by following the step 2.

Go to the tab « XML Adding » in the left menu of the Manager.

Click on « Add a URL », and enter the URL of your XML file.


Note : the examples given are fake. Similarity with real data is coincidence.

Once you confirm with the « Add this URL » button, you’re all set! We will scan your XML file in the following 5-10 minutes and progressively process the informations you gave to us.

You will need to use the PremiumGuard service, but it is not yet available. Please come back later.

You will need to set up a BungeeCord. After you successfully set your BungeeCord up, you will need to configure PremiumGuard.

Follow the steps to install and configure PremiumGuard here :