CraftSearch is introducing its new plan to become the number one worldwide in-game search engine for Minecraft servers.

Until now, the CraftSearch Ads Team working freely for CraftSearch had to negotiate with every single server out there and convince them to install the CraftSearch plugin to get referenced. The problem is that it takes a lot of time and requires the server to trust CraftSearch, which was rarely the case. So we decided to create the Grow Up Program.

CraftSearch 5 is part of the Grow Up Program, which includes both ping and XML adding, making the plugin for the very first time optional. We also ship CraftSearch 5 with PremiumGuard, the first ever encryption plugin for Minecraft servers. With PremiumGuard, our goal was originally to establish trustful relations between the servers and CraftSearch. With EDA, our goal went way beyond that original vision, becoming a need to protect every Minecraft servers across the world thanks to our encryption technologies.

While CraftSearch 5 will help a lot reaching our final goal (create a giant Minecraft servers network that relies on our search engine), we think it is not enough to have the technologies ready. We need to use them. And that is why the Grow Up Program means a lot to us.

We now use our own XML adding technology to add a large amount of servers using an XML file. The Ads Team does not have anymore to talk with the server, they just have to collect some basic informations about it. This is allowing our players to finally enjoy the CraftSearch experience as you would attend to, because we can add a lot of servers in a small amount of time. We plan to give you access to more than 300 servers worldwide as soon as the final release of CraftSearch 5 will be available for download.

Yes, our XML is open data and available for consulting here:

Please contact us on [email protected], and only on that email address (we will not process any requests from our other social media). You will need to prove that you have the ownership on the server to request a deletion. In rare cases, we may ask for a photocopy of your ID in case you cannot give sufficient proofs, like the CNIL explains in French here: That will help us to confirm that your intentions are not to delete all the servers we have. Your ID photocopy will, of course, never be stored on our databases and will not be accessible from the Internet. If a same person asked for more than three different servers to be deleted, we will require the server to write a public letter on their website, using the CNIL's template available here: Of course, you can translate the letter to any language you want. If you need help to write the letter, we can help you at [email protected]. Also, please notice that we are normally not obliged to purpose that, since your server is not a personal data, so please mind to be respectful if you complain about the procedure. In most cases, with sufficient proofs, we will delete your server in the following week.

Please login into our new Manager and add your server using the ping adding menu. Follow the steps.

Install PremiumGuard using this link and follow the instructions. To edit informations about your server, refer to the previous question.

If you want to add multiple servers at once, please refer to our dedicated section: Interconnection Agreement for Hosting Companies.

Sure! Refer to the page dedicated for it: Join CraftSearch. You will be able to choose between 3 methods.

Yes, you can! You have two options at this point. Either you contact the server directly and kindly ask them to join us, or refer to our section: Submit a server suggestion to the CraftSearch Ads Team.

More questions? Feel free to contact us on [email protected] or on Twitter or on our Discord.